The role of a Mission Accompanier (MA) is key in helping Christian communities like yours develop in their mission and ministry in their own unique contexts.  These are people who share the vision for the Diocese to Grow in God and to develop flourishing congregations making a difference.  They offer their skills and expertise to walk alongside Benefice Churches and Lightwave Groups as these Christian communities seek to grow. 

How do they help?

The role of a MA is to walk alongside you:

  • to help keep you focused on growth
  • to help you to consider how what you are learning applies where you are
  • to be a critical friend (like a school governor) helping you to hear what God is saying, to say what they see and to ask helpful questions
  • to identify barriers to growth and help you to overcome them
  • to guide you into making realistic plans to go forward together

What does a MA look like?

The skills and experience offered by a MA will vary.  Many will have experience from their working lives which can be put to use in this context, or skills which they have developed which are relevant. 

However, there are some foundational characteristics which describe what a mission accompanier looks like:

  • they are committed to pray for the church or Lightwave group whom they are supporting
  • they have been trained in listening, coaching, spiritual direction or mentoring (some or all)
  • they have been in a leadership role in a church
  • they have seen churches grow and flourish, whether a new or existing congregation
  • they are able to communicate clearly in accessible language
  • they work collaboratively with the local incumbent and other leaders
  • they are humble, ready to grow themselves, and willing to accept oversight

How do we get the right person?

We have invited those offering as mission accopmaniers to provide a simple biography of what they have been doing and what they believe they might offer.  This will include their training and experience.  Those working with Lightwave should have experience of missional small groups.

If you want to talk any of this through please be in contact with Revd Phil Dykes  tel 07917 385843 

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