Lightwave people love to support each other. 

Here are some key ways in which we can give and receive support in our ministry:

1.  In our Lightwave Group 

We reflect on what God has sent us to do and learn as we go with the small group with whom we are on mission – We are all involved and we “do life” together.  All the members are supported in prayer, discerning and attending to scripture by this group (usually weekly).  The leader is not merely giving out/leading it because others share in leadership and discernment with them.  Click on the links to find details of   Resources to help your small group study scripture, pray and engage in mission and Lightwave Small Group Leader Training 

2.  Mentor, Coach, Mission Accompanier or Supervisor

For Lightwave leaders, it is so helpful to have a regular meeting with someone who has expertise in the areas of ministry which you feel you want to address. The frequency and intensity of meeting can vary a lot.  It may be a few times a year with a lot of thoughtful preparation for each meeting Or it may be a casual coffee and prayer every week – but value it highly. Choose someone whom you admire and respect.  Pray with them and give them permission to ask difficult questions and to speak into your life.  Click the link for more help in finding a mission accompanier.

3. Peer Group

Find a group of people engaged in similar ministry to yourself where you can share both questions and wisdom, rooted in prayer and scripture.  This may be a learning community or part of being on a course.  It may be as often as monthly or much less frequently – but if you make it a priority commitment, it will make a huge difference.  Click on one of the following learning opportunities to find out more:

4. Support from a permission giver or advocate – Lightwave group leaders are able to help their groups/initiatives to become more fruitful when their incumbent or someone with similar authority makes time for them and encourages them to take risks and to think big.  These "permission givers" or "advocates" instill confidence and help the leaders to access other kinds of support within the diocese.  Lightwave offers help to leaders to help them connect with people who can support them and also supports incumbents in their key role of being permission givers and advocates for others engaged in local mission   For ordained and lay ministers, we offer a chance to walk your area with an experienced leader in rural mission, to pray and chat over possibilities or ongoing one-to-one support or mentoring.  In the first instance contact Sally Gaze on 07446933129  or email  Lightwave Incumbent Support (CofE) or Lightwave Lay Leader Support or Lightwave Ecumenical Support.

Other areas in which the Lightwave Community can offer support

Click below for more details or to book on upcoming training events

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